Did You Get Ghosted?

Can I make a confession?

I can’t handle awkward silence. *maybe that’s why I speak so loud and so fast, okayyyyyy?*

Whether it’s in person or on social media, silence doesn’t jive with me, and I’m guessing you can relate, Buttercup.

Recently I was asked how I respond to getting ghosted, and considering what I just mentioned, my response might surprise you…

Ghosting is natural. *Yes, I said what I said.* 

At least, ghosting as defined by the world’s broad definition is natural.

>>Particularly in business, it’s common for people to determine that it’s not a fit after having a conversation.<<

But there’s a caveat. 

I believe that if people are ghosting you in the beginning, maybe after they ask you a question or have a short conversation, that isn’t a “ghost” as much as it is simply shopping around.

People like to make informed decisions before they purchase a product or service and this can often take place in the form of direct messages and email inquiries. If they walk away after this initial conversation, that’s completely normal.

>>It’s very similar to you walking into a store at the mall, and then realizing that the store didn’t have what you wanted or was out of your price range.<< 

However, if you are noticing that you get into negotiations or contracts before the conversation dies, or you have clients who only remain with you for a short period of time, this is an actual “ghost.”

In these instances, I think it’s appropriate to do a follow-up sequence of some sort to find out where the problem could lie.

An easy way to accomplish this is by sending a survey or questionnaire as part of the offboarding process. These questions should be simple and help your approach become more effective in the future.

Now, let’s reiterate one thing: their interest in you is not a reflection of your worth. 

>>You are not your business and your business is not you. You need to disassociate yourself from its success and its failures in order to work on it objectively.<<

If they are not a client or a customer, their opinions of you do not pay your bills.

While you cannot control anyone’s opinion of you, there are things you can control in your business:

  • Control how much you show up.
  • Control how vulnerable you are.
  • Control your persistence as you continue to search for your people.

Hustler, this dream was put on your heart for a reason. Continue to push past the adversity and build the business and life you deserve.

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