How To Spot Trending Reels

Were you the cool kid that everyone liked? The one with the best outfits, perfectly styled hair, and a sense of humor that was widely appreciated?

Yeah, I wasn’t either. *Actually, I was homeschooled, and my siblings could be brutal!*

Despite our progression to adulthood, that desire to fit in and be liked often lingers.

If you are a business owner and a content creator, you likely look for trends you can capitalize on to leverage in your own unique way for social media.

How To Spot Trending Reels

Everyone likes to be in the know. When it comes to spotting trends on Instagram Reels that you can implement in your own business, Instagram makes it incredibly simple!

>>As you scroll through Reels, look in the lower left-hand corner and look for the diagonal arrow next to the audio file.<<

This arrow is Instagram’s way of indicating that this audio is on the rise and is considered a trend.

Once you’ve identified the trending audio, save it for later by tapping on the audio file name and clicking “Save” at the top. Or, if you simply can’t wait to create content a second longer, you can select “Use Audio” at the bottom to begin crafting your Reel right away!

Regardless of the method you choose, you’ll be creating Reels that are timely, relatable, and sure to perform well!
Don’t worry, I’m not about to leave you hanging on HOW to use that trending audio! Here are 10 Easy Reel Ideas that any business can leverage on Instagram. Download this for FREE by clicking >>HERE<< then go create those trends, Buttercup!