Getting Lit in this Instagram Account Critique

If you’ve been here awhile, you know it’s common for me to give you a loving kick in the pants, packed with lots of Latina sass, spice, and everything nice.

But boo, I was in the ZONE when I critiqued Instagram accounts from fellow creatives and attendees of the Showit United conference!

It’s time to get real, stop making excuses, and use Instagram with a PLAN to move your business forward.

These tips and feedback are exactly what I’d tell you…be sure to watch each video for more FAQs! 

Tip #1: A good copywriting hook at the beginning of your posts gets followers to the CTA at the end.

Let me give it to you straight, boo boo: people won’t be invested in you if they don’t actually read your posts.

Sure, posting the perfect picture is nice, but it doesn’t cut it anymore. You have to offer more.

To gain interest and, most importantly, spark engagement is by writing an effective caption, which makes people click “read more” and take action at the end. 

This breaks down to a good copywriting hook (read more about this >>HERE<<) and a call-to-action. When people take action on your post, it indicates to the IG algorithm that they want to see more of you.

>>IG Makeover Takeaway #1: When it comes to creating an invested audience, a good caption is only as effective as the hook.<<

Tip #2: Consistency is the only way to grow.

Do you feel like the algorithm is giving you whiplash? 

I’m about to give you a reality check: You are giving whiplash to yourself if you aren’t showing up consistently and replying to every comment your audience graciously gives you.

Don’t starve for engagement simply because you won’t bring the spoon to your mouth.

*See, I told you I’ve got lots of sass!*

If you want to grow, how many times are you willing to show up each week? Consistency leads to growth.

>>IG Makeover Takeaway #2: You must give Instagram inventory to share on a regular basis.<<

Tip #3: Show your real life, especially when you’re unsure what to post about.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever stared at a blinking cursor of an Instagram post, not knowing what to write, so you inevitably post nothing. *Raise ‘em high!!*

I’ve been there, too…until I learned that posting ANYTHING is better than posting NOTHING.

My best piece of advice is that followers want to see your real life, as unglamourous and boring as it may be…so SHOW IT.

>>IG makeover takeaway #3: If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands and show it!<<

Buttercup, in case I came off too hard-edged with this IG makeover, please understand that this feedback is a critique, NOT criticism. 

>>A critique is looking at something and giving advice on what to do better. Criticism is saying that something isn’t good and providing no solution.<<

Just know that all of this bundled up sass is said with love, because I’ve got nothing BUT love for you, hustler! I hope this helps you so you can keep doing amazing things!