Getting Personal On Social Media: What Is Too Much?

Welcome to video four of the Next Level Entrepreneur video series, where I focus on some of the most frequently asked questions I receive on a daily basis. Since I cannot possibly consult for every request I get, I created this video series as a way for us to connect and for me to help you as much as possible!

In video four, we hone in on one specific topic: What should we REALLY share on social media, how much is too much, and what works best for engagement?

When you post on social media, there is often a question of where the line should be drawn with personal posts on a business page.

In order to determine this, I recommend to first ask yourself:

>>Are you building a personal or business brand?<<

For a business brand, every 9-12 posts there should be a picture of you or your team for your audience to engage with those behind the screen.

For a personal brand however, there is no limit to how personal you can get.

When determining where the line is drawn for personal posts, I like to use what I call the “man on an airplane” rule.

This is when you ask yourself what you would share with a stranger sitting next to you on an airplane, and THAT is what you should post on social media.

Friend, there is no right or wrong answer to the man on an airplane rule. It is our job to determine what we’re comfortable sharing on social media but more importantly, to gage how our audience is responding.

It is so important to see how your audience responds to determine what is best for engagement.

>>When you know who it is you are speaking to, the content you're creating should be aimed at them.<<

Once you know that, then there are no rules, boo! Experiment with different posts and see what they react well to, then create more of that.

Finally, optimize your efforts by dividing it into two components: searchable (such as your blog) and stumble-upon marketing (such as Instagram and Facebook).

Searchable is great when people are going to Google or Pinterest and looking up something specific, but stumble-upon marketing is much more effective.

It is best to utilize both of your efforts with the content your audience responds well to, but double-down on stumble-upon marketing and create connections on social media.

All of this comes down to getting personal, and only you can decide how much is too much. I’ll be rooting for you!

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