How to Start a Brand New Business

Do you have an idea for a brand new business and you’re not sure where to begin?

First of all, congratulations!

Starting a business is not for the faint of heart. It’s extremely rewarding, but it’s also incredibly difficult, which is why I founded Social Curator to help make the process easier for entrepreneurs and dreamers just like you.

Now, I have news for you…

How to Start a New Business

So often when someone has an idea for a new business, they haven’t thought through the details about their new product or service to ensure it will be profitable.

That’s why the first–somewhat obvious–but very important step to starting your brand new business is to decide exactly what you’re selling! Sound too basic? 

The truth is: many businesses don’t find the success they’re looking for because they didn’t think this part through effectively. If this is where you are in your business journey, I gotchu!

>>In order to have a profitable business, you must solve a problem for a specific person.<<

If you’re starting to sweat a bit, let me assure you… it’s going to be ok. These 3 steps will help you narrow down what you do!

  1. What problem does your business solve?

Every business solves a problem for their Ideal Client or customer, and you need to know this before you begin creating and marketing your product or service.

For example, some common problems your business may solve are:

  • Saving time
  • Making money
  • Decreasing stress/overwhelm
  • Preventing pain

Of course, some businesses have an easier time than others when trying to identify their problem.

For example, it’s *easy* to figure out the problem you solve when you’re saving people time or money or helping them get healthier.

But for those who sell more luxury products (things you may not consider a “necessity”), you may have to spend a few minutes stepping into your Ideal Client’s shoes and identifying WHY they would purchase your product or service.

I can ASSURE you, though… you DO solve a problem in the marketplace, even if it isn’t as obvious as someone helping lose weight or find love.

>>If you have something to sell, you solve a problem.<< 

Sometimes that problem is making people feel beautiful or helping them take their social status to the next level!

  1. Who does your business solve that problem for?

Contrary to popular belief, the most successful businesses don’t sell to many, they sell to one.

In order to have a profitable business, you need to identify your Ideal Client, and then create content specifically for them.

  1. How does your business solve that problem?

Now that you know what problem you solve and for who, it’s time to get into the nitty gritty details of your business.

How are you going to provide your service or sell your product?

Ask yourself:

  • Do you need training to get started?
  • Should you purchase tools?
  • What materials or supplies will you need?

Depending on what product or service you’ll be selling, this answer will look different for everyone. But before you start looking for your first client or customer, ensure that you know exactly how you’ll serve them!

Now that you’ve worked through how to determine exactly what you’re selling, you could benefit from a step-by-step roadmap. Luckily, I have just the thing that will walk you through the first few things you should do when starting a business to ensure you’re embarking on the path to profitability!

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Your First Steps When Starting a Profitable Business
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