How to Stick Out from the Competition

No matter what industry you’re in, it’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to find ways to drum up business when you think about the competition out there. Sometimes you have to just take your eyes off of the competition and focus on what’s in front of you. YOUR BUSINESS.

Easier said than done, I know. But today I want to help you figure out what sets you apart from the competition.

Get out a pen and notebook because you’re going to need it!  I created a 4-minute video to walk you through my process, but below you'll find the notes just in case you prefer to read them!

I want to walk you through a simple exercise to help you discover how you can stand out from the competition. You’re going to start by asking yourself these three questions:


  • What am I complimented on the most?
  • What do I see, think, or do that’s different from everyone else in my industry?
  • What makes me the most excited about what I do?



When you answer these questions, make sure the answers are robust. One-word answers won’t get you where you’re trying to go. Once you’ve answered these questions, pick one to focus on because you’re about to brain dump!

What’s a brain dump you ask? It’s where you write down everything that comes to mind. So be prepared to write freely and allow yourself to go deep! Ready? Pick your question to brain dump on, and GO!

After getting it all out, let it just sit there and marinate for a few days. Set a reminder on your calendar to come back and look at your brain dump. At that point, you’re going to read it and pick out three main focus points.

(If you have a hard time picking them out, go with the three that catch your attention first or the ones that resonate with you most.)

Those three things are your unique factors (something I learned about in the book “Traction”). It’s something I believe in because it works! This helps bring direction and clarity and I’ve used it as I’ve built my own business. Friend, I hope this exercise helps you realize what sets you apart from those in your industry!

To clarity and direction,