How to Turn Failure Into Success

I recently had a conversation with my mentor, James Wedmore, and he said something so profound that I just had to share.

“We must make the conscious decision to reframe our situation. We can choose to believe we failed or we can choose to believe we learned a lesson.”

>>Friend, thinking of an experience as a failure is a choice.<<

*Listen: I know it sounds silly and, quite frankly, completely out of touch.*

But working with James over the years has taught me that we don’t have failures, we have lessons…especially as business owners.

Here are 3 personal business lessons I’ve made that I could have seen as failures, but I chose to look at as lessons:

  1. Don’t get in over your head.

Back in 2016, I had a dream to host a live event for entrepreneurs, complete with lessons, a workbook, and a champagne toast at the end.

Y’all, the investment we put into this event was over 6 figures and my husband, JD, and I were in SO over our heads.

The lesson: I don’t regret the experience because I learned that the first time I try something new, it doesn’t have to be perfect… it doesn’t even have to be good.

  1. Listen to others.

JD and I launched Social Curator in June of 2017 and after a successful promotional period, I told him not to tell me the numbers for the rest of the year. Then, in January of 2018, I received mind blowing news… that in 7 months, we did not gain a single new member because although people were coming in, we were losing members, too.

Those who were leaving told me they wanted a Facebook Group to connect with other members… and I didn’t listen for another 6 months.

The lesson: I learned to listen to my audience and to never put my desires above theirs.

  1. Set your priorities.

Let me be real with you right now: For many years in my business, I dated my computer more than I dated my husband.

The irony was that I was working so much because I wanted time to enjoy time off with my husband… But in order to do that, I wasn’t putting him first in the moment. 

The lesson: I finally realized that if I’m not keeping my family my top priority, I have no parameters for my success.

I have made countless mistakes, dear friend. I’m not going to lie to you.

>>But one failure doesn’t set you back. It’s your inability to stand up again that does.<<

So, how do you get back up after experiencing failure? You learn the lesson it was meant to teach you.

If you’re looking for a Community to help you get back up and turn your failures into success, Social Curator has your back, Buttercup. This is your personal invitation from my heart to yours to >>join Social Curator<< and allow this Community to show you that you are not a failure… your success is a foregone conclusion.