How To Use Instagram Stories With An Engagement Plan

Instagram stories are an amazing way to drive engagement, but sometimes it can feel overwhelming to start, especially when we think:

  • I don’t know what to say
  • My life isn’t interesting
  • My friends/family think it’s weird

Here are two simple ways to make stories easy and, more importantly, how to use them with an engagement PLAN…

*Because I know you don’t have time to add MORE to your business without a strategy, boo!*

  1. Speak to your dream customer. Know who you’re talking to–the language they use, social references they will appreciate, and topics they would like! Simply focus on STARTING conversations with your dream customer in mind and they will engage back with you!
  2. Don’t wait for engagement… Drive it. Once you are confident you are speaking to your ideal client, encourage conversations by using Instagram engagement tools. These include:
    • Discovery tools like hashtags, mentions, and geo-tags
    • Engagement tools like polls, questions, emoji slider, chat, quizzes, and countdowns
    • Conversational tools like DM’s, voice messages, and comments

Friend, if you speak to your dream customer with what they want to know and drive engagement with the built-in tools, you are on the fast track for success. But how do you know if your audience is engaging?

You know if your stories are engaging based on the ACTIONS of your audience.

If they are talking back to you via DM’s, comments, voting on polls, answering quiz questions, etc. they are engaged with you!.

I spent months testing my theories and engagement strategy because when I saw these new features rolled out, my objective was to learn how to use them for my business so I can then share with you my results.

>>I ONLY speak about strategies I have used MYSELF.<<

I’ve discovered that followers want to engage with content that makes them feel like you *care* about THEM.

My question for you is: What content are you putting out that is providing a map for your followers to engage with you?

This September 2019 issue of Social Curator is all about how to drive engagement using Instagram stories and it contains 15 done-for-you IG templates, prompts, and scripts.

I am very confident in saying my Instagram story strategy that I have tested myself works. In fact, in 24 hours Kayla Joy got 25 new followers, 2 shares, and 3 sales using these templates!

If you need help with your Instagram story strategy, I’d love to see you on the inside of Social Curator so you can turn your followers into customers.

You have nothing to lose, and oh so much to gain, boss.