Killer Productivity Tips for Entrepreneurs in 2020

Do you wish you had an extra hour in your work day?

Of course you do, hustler. We ALL do!

Today, you can call me your Fairy Godmother, because I’m granting you exactly that – tricks to save you ONE WHOLE HOUR so you can get more done at work. 

*It’s the next best thing to a beautiful ball gown and horse-drawn carriage to meet your Prince Charming.*

These four tips are SO simple, but they get radical results!

1. Take advantage of peak performance hours

We all work a bit differently. Some of us are up before the sun (Holla, 4:30am over here), while others don’t begin to work until the sun goes down (I see you burning the midnight oil, boo).

>>No matter what time of day or night works best for you, it’s important to work on big projects during peak performance hours.<<

Once you identify your zone of productivity, ensure you’re using your brain power in the most effective way during those hours. Save the mundane, monotonous tasks for times when you’ve depleted your creative juices.

2. Schedule breaks

Trust me, it may be hard to wrap your head around the fact that NOT working may actually make you more productive, but if you step away for a bit, you’ll come back better than ever.

>>When I forced myself to take a 10 minute break after working 90 minutes straight without distractions, I doubled the work I was able to accomplish.<<

Let me say that again for dramatic effect: I DOUBLED the amount of work I was doing when I turned off all distractions and focused in on one project at a time. *Which just so happens to lead me to my next tip…*

3. Do not multitask

I’m not going to lie, I LOVE multitasking. I’m the queen of walking my dog while listening to a podcast while drinking water while checking Instagram. 

*If I had more arms, I’d be UNSTOPPABLE.*

But when it comes to productivity at work, multitasking may give you the impression that you’re busy, but you’re really not getting anything done.

>>Being busy does NOT equal being productive. Avoid the overwhelm by focusing on one thing at a time.<<

4. Create a daily timeline

As a photographer, I hated timelines. I felt so restricted by them and felt like I was being robbed of my creativity.  

However, this not-so-old dog learned a new trick, and once I trained myself to abide by a schedule, I was amazed at how much I got done. 

I estimated how long each project would take, scheduled my breaks, and stuck to the schedule without getting distracted by multitasking.

>>PLUS, because I was more productive by having structure, I actually had MORE time to be creative!<<

*Win. Freaking. Win!*

So if you’d like to get MORE done without losing your time and sanity, take your lovely Fairy Godmother’s advice and use these tips to boost productivity!

And because I’ve got a little power left in this magic wand, I’m gifting you with my free Productivity Guide that goes even deeper into leveling up your goals and creating a clear plan on how to achieve them. You can find that >>HERE!<< 

I’m here for you, Buttercup. *Bippity boppity BOO!*