Let Me Tell You About My Mentor, James Wedmore

For the past four years, I’ve had the honor of working with James Wedmore as he helps shape my business. He is committed to guiding my journey from being an entrepreneur to a CEOjust writing that made my palms sweat.

A couple of weeks ago, James introduced me on stage saying, “I’ll never forget that Jasmine took a chance on me.

I didn’t have the nerve to say then, “You have it wrong, you took a chance on me.”

The truth is, when I sat in a San Francisco hotel room 4 years ago for our first mastermind meeting, James asked why I was so cute. I was quiet because my parents used to say it’s better to be quiet and be perceived as a fool, than to prove them right.

It wasn’t that long ago that I sat in that hotel room and I had no idea what everyone saying. I had never heard of a webinar, mastermind, email sequence, sequence, Facebook ads, EPL, CPL…

So when James Wedmore said I took a chance on him, he couldn’t have been more wrong. No, James took a chance on me. And my life has never been the same.

Each year that I have the opportunity to work with James, he says something that has a profound effect on my business.

Year One: “There is no such thing as a failure, you are simply learning a lesson.” And let me tell you that in my first year, I learned a lot of lessons. I was a little lessoned-out, you know what I’m saying?

Year Two: I called him and told him I thought I made the biggest mistake. He said, “Jasmine, you have to have a breakdown before you have a breakthrough.” I was in a million pieces on the bottom of the floor, and James asked me “Who do you need to become to have the launch you want?”

Year Three: “It isn’t the result that brings success, it’s the decisions we make to get to the results that does.” At this point, my career had finally gotten to a point where I could take a deep breath and say: we did it. He said, “Jasmine, you’re looking at the numbers, and that isn’t the success. Who did you become in the process?”

I can proudly say that the person I have become in the process would not be who I am without his guidance and mentorship. He has pushed my limits, encouraged me to sharpen my skills, and taught me how to hone my business strategy.

Many thanks to James Wedmore for empowering me to chase impossible dreams.