Let’s Get Social On Social Media

Is it just me, or are people taking every opportunity they get to be less SOCIAL on social media?

  • Everywhere I turn, Facebook has become a marketing fest.
  • Every 5th scroll is an Instagram ad.
  • Everyone and their mother is saying, “Buy my product!” in their captions.

The truth is boo boo, the most successful Instagrammers, those with the largest followings on Facebook, and the most subscribers on YouTube focus on one thing: being social.

They ask social questions in their captions and stories, like:

  • How’s your day going?
  • Did you watch the game last night?
  • What are your plans this weekend?

>>This is my biggest secret to growing your followers on Instagram: I act like I'm at a cocktail party. I ask questions, I respond, and I strike up random conversations.<<

That's it. *Okay, so I might also get a few refills, but let's reserve the judgement m'kay?*

Friend, there's no sense in getting overwhelmed with thinking of the PERFECT thing to say.

There's no reason to believe you need a PERFECT photo.

In fact, I think the total opposite.

In the video below, I use a Realtor friend as an example of just how EASY it is to ditch perfection, and trade it in for posting simple (yet valuable) content.

Friend, this is your chance to spend four minutes with me in order to change your perspective on posting on social media, not feeling the pressure to sell your business, and get easy ideas for content.

Watch the video below!

At the end of the day, consumers are looking for someone they can connect with. Not someone who shares information they can easily Google.

>>Be social with inciteful, valuable insights that only YOU can share because it empowers your clients to know, like, and trust you.<<

If you’d like to be social with me, I’d love to catch you on the ‘gram! You can find me @jasminestar and I’ll see you at my IG cocktail party (don’t worry, I make great mixed drinks)!