Money Over Happiness?

Growing up poor, I thought money would fix, well, everything.

  • When my parents lost their house, we needed money.
  • When we had to take the bus instead of owning a car, we needed money.
  • When we spent hours in a laundromat because we couldn’t afford a washing machine, we needed money.

Looking back though, I realize we were happy. It wasn’t easy, but these struggles provided some of my happiest memories.

Graduating from high school and progressing towards college, I chose to become a lawyer with the intention of making good money, thinking that would be everything I needed in life.

>>But that all changed when my mom was diagnosed with cancer.<<

Suddenly, my priorities realigned. 

  • I moved home to help take care of my family.
  • I married my high school sweetheart.
  • I dropped out of law school… and left behind a future career that I realized I didn’t even want.

This is a pivotal time in my life that I will forever be thankful for.

Now, as a mother myself, I choose happiness every day in the hopes that my daughter will do the same. 

*And friend? I want that for you, too.*

>>Choose a path in life that brings you joy, regardless of the dollar signs that accompany it.<<

Light your soul on fire and do what you were brought into this world to do. Make a difference in the lives of others and leave the rest behind.

Yes, make sure your needs are met… but then? Then I want you to follow where your heart leads and forget the rest

Here's to your happiness, Dreamer!

Free Mindset Makeover Workbook

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