My Facebook Live Studio

When I was first starting with Facebook live, I would put out a call for questions and no one would ask them. Yep, *crickets*. It was a little awkward.

But instead of wallowing in my sadness and not going live, I would start answering questions I *thought* my ideal client might be wondering but hasn’t asked yet. 

This empowered me in two big ways:

  1. By me procuring my own questions, it encouraged people to ask them in the future
  2. It gave me NO excuses to not go live.

Now that I’ve been going live every week for over a year, more of my community engages with my content.

>>I ask my audience for their questions in a post the day before I go live, and decide which ones to answer by how many people “like” their comment.<<

From simply propping my phone up on the window in my kitchen and answering questions from a sticky note, my Facebook Live studio has changed a LOT over the past couple of years. 

In the video below, I show you how I now use WireCast to make my videos more visually appealing and drive the conversation with pre-written slides.

With WireCast, I can shift back and forth from my face speaking to you live, and slides to demonstrate my points!

After I’m finished with my Facebook live video, I do two things right away:

  • Choose a better thumbnail for the video for the video
  • Add time stamps in the description for when I answered specific questions

>>This helps with encouraging people to watch the video because they know what they can expect.<<

So friend, that was a look into my Facebook Live studio! If you get nothing else out of this post, I hope you take away three main points:

  1. Choose the streaming software that best works for you right now in your business,
  2. Make sure you prepare questions in advance, and
  3. Consistency is queen!

If you are ready to commit to Facebook Lives, be sure to download my FREE FACEBOOK LIVE CHECKLIST to not miss a single recommended step!