Three Sales Strategies to Increase Your Revenue

Is it me? Am I the problem? 

Have you ever asked yourself questions like this when experiencing low conversion rates, stagnant sales, or when business was just…tough?

In this episode, I share about a time when a launch was feeling disastrous. We spent tens of thousands of dollars on ads…and halfway through the launch, the sales were abysmal. I made a million mistakes. I felt humiliated, and worse, I was panicked. I kept on telling myself that I wasn't ready (or destined) to sell a two-thousand-dollar offer. 

But during a conversation with my mentor, he helped me remember who I was…a fighter. So, I fought. Every day for the rest of the launch, I went live, sent personalized videos, and sent well over a thousand messages. I didn’t care what it took. For the last three days, I fought.

We ended up closing that launch with $355,000 in sales. 

In this episode, I’m sharing more about how I  turned that disaster into a profitable launch and offering a few tangible tips to help you develop belief, gain confidence, leverage persuasion, and sell the transformation of your own products or services. 

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[00:01:22] My experience of launching a $2,000 course and the initial disaster I faced.

[00:05:03] The importance of belief and confidence in selling, and the three psychological strategies to shift one's approach to selling.

[00:09:25] How to use the FBI method to highlight the feature, benefit, and impact of a service for a service-based business.

[00:10:36] How to use the FBI method to highlight the feature, benefit, and impact of a product for a product-based business.

[00:11:38] The importance of selling the transformation and how it can impact the decision-making process of potential customers.

[00:20:41] The importance of clear communication and the impact of body language and tonality in sales.

[00:19:40] The more persuasive words in the English language and how they can be used to capture attention and drive sales.

[00:26:47] The process of becoming confident in sales through practice and perseverance, and the importance of not letting others' opinions dictate one's confidence.

[00:27:54] The importance of showcasing the impact of your offer and leaning into the transformation, rather than just listing features and benefits.

[00:30:02] How to believe in your own worth and capabilities, and tell yourself a better story to overcome self-doubt and make sales for your business.

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