Quarter One Review: How I’m “Laying Bricks” to Build Relationships and Open Up New Opportunities

Tell me if you can relate to this…

When I get obsessed with something, I start to see a new level of results. But I have to fully immerse myself into that ONE thing and give it my all.

You see, being obsessed helps you narrow down your focus and allows you to dedicate more mental energy (and time) to make quicker progress.

In this episode I’m spilling the tea on my latest obsession, what I’ve learned and realized in quarter one, and the most creative way I’ve ever pitched myself to be on a podcast. (spoiler alert: the crazy podcast pitch worked!)

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(00:00:16) THIS is how I know I’m about to level up.

(00:02:18) The decision (and mindset shift) I made that’ll help grow my podcast.

(00:04:21) What the numbers showed me when I analyzed my podcast data.

(00:06:12) The experiment I did that helped set me up for future success.

(00:08:04) The absolute BEST way to network.

(00:13:45) The most interesting thing I learned in Lake Tahoe while spending time with a group of male entrepreneurs.

(00:19:06) The most creative way I’ve ever pitched myself to be a guest on a podcast.

(00:21:49) The reason I’m glad I attended a mastermind while in the midst of a promotional period (even though I wasn’t sure about it).

(00:27:11) The thing everyone wants to avoid even though it helps you grow.

(00:29:44) The emotional rollercoaster I went on and how it ended.

(00:34:11) How I started finding a balance between work and relaxation.

(00:35:16) Why you should reflect on your past experiences and consider them as necessary steps to building.

Resources Mentioned:

  1. Listen to The Framework You Need When You Pivot with Sam Parr >>HERE<<.
  2. Listen to Investing, Fundraising, and Podcasting: How Perseverance Leads to The Greatest Successes with Josh Muccio >>HERE<<.

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