Investing, Fundraising, and Podcasting: How Perseverance Leads to The Greatest Successes with Josh Muccio

This is a full-circle moment right here…

A podcast host that I listened to religiously (and helped me gain a deeper understanding of fundraising, company evaluation, and investing) is on the show!

And lemme tell you – I couldn’t be more THRILLED.

Listen y’all, my incredible friend Josh Muccio created a podcast out of sheer BOREDOM. And even though the podcast seemed like a failure at the time, it eventually led to *The Pitch* podcast, which has been downloaded tens of millions of times. (OK, I see you, Josh!)

I mean, the show is so good that Spotify bought it. Hot dang!

In this episode, Josh shares his very honest story that led to his wildly successful podcast, the challenges and setbacks he faced, and a breakthrough moment that every business owner needs to hear.

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(00:02:04) How “The Pitch” podcast came to life (inspired by the idea of telling the true story of how deals are done).

(00:02:44) How listening to “The Pitch” podcast helped me gain a deeper understanding of fundraising, company evaluation, and investing.

(00:04:54) How Josh accidentally built an e-commerce company in college and then sold it.

(00:10:48) The pivotal moment that led to over $1 million committed to companies on the show.

(00:14:22) The loneliness and isolation Josh experienced while building his podcast.

(00:21:37) The story of Spotify buying “The Pitch” in an effort to make a big splash in the podcast industry.

(00:24:00) The impact of COVID-19 had on the podcast production of “The Pitch” in creating new episodes.

(00:27:26) The HUGE realization Josh had that every business owner should know.

(00:30:12) How Josh bought back “The Pitch” from Spotify.

(00:37:28) My story of missing out on investing in Lululemon (and how it influenced my decision to invest in The Pitch's fund).

(00:50:46) My experience of investing in a company through The Pitch show fund and why I chose to invest in it.

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Josh Muccio

Josh Muccio is a founder turned podcaster turned VC. After exiting his first company in 2015, Josh got bored and started a podcast. That podcast failed of course, but it eventually led to The Pitch, a show that's been downloaded tens of millions of times. Now he's bringing listeners behind the scenes by letting them invest in the startups featured on the show.

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