Lessons I Learned Being The Only Woman In The Room

It hit me out of nowhere like a drive-by bullet…

“Selfish, money-driven women like you who adopt are shameful.”

And that was just a small part of a lengthy DM I got after sharing my experience of being the only woman in a group of founders at a mastermind event to my stories. (I share the stories and full DM in this episode.)

What I didn’t expect was that the very same experience at the mastermind that I was criticized for, prepared me to handle the DM in a way I wouldn’t have before.

In this episode, I’m sharing the lessons I learned from the mastermind hike we took in the Phoenician Desert, my breakthrough moment while feeling uncomfortable and different, and how to access high-level business networks before you have the money to invest.

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[00:01:20] The negative DM I got from my Instagram stories and how it made me feel.

[00:07:00] My fear of feeling different and how I’m starting to embrace my differences.

[00:09:36] How the Phoenician Desert hike prepared me for the negative DM I received.

[00:01:13] How I felt being the only woman in a group of founders at a mastermind event.

[00:09:54] The three lessons learned from hiking through the Phoenician desert and how they can be applied to dealing with challenging situations.

[00:12:48] Answers to the questions I’ve gotten most about being the only female in the mastermind.

[00:15:26] What you need to know to “get in the room”.

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