Five Things My Team and I Do to Stay Productive and Reach Our Goals

When it comes to building a GREAT team, let’s just say there are some lessons that I learned the not-so-easy way.

But that’s ok… because now I’m able to share them with you. (worth it!)

Some lessons were as simple and light as implementing mental health days (and scheduling them strategically.)

Others, well, let's just say they stung a bit.

In this episode, you’ll learn the exact strategies my team and I use to create a more productive, feedback-driven, and mentally healthy team culture. (Psst: I’m even giving you my exact team meeting formula to keep things movin’ and groovin’!)

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(00:01:04) What the whole team and I do (and don’t do) to increase productivity.

(00:09:49) How the team and I improve, save time, and reach our goals faster.

(00:16:52) Why we implemented monthly mental health days (and the details behind them).

(00:17:54) The extra thought that has gone a long way for mental health days and holidays.

(00:19:40) What every leader must do to foster trust and independence in the team.

(00:21:22) The importance of not settling for mediocrity and continuously pushing for improvement.

(00:23:06) The risks of complacency and what it can affect in your business.

(00:24:09) The number one morale and productivity killer. (Avoid this at all costs!)

(00:30:25) Your action step!


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