Business Questions Answered: Roundtable Discussion with Brilliant and Successful Women

STOP: you’ll need to prepare your hearts for this one…

You’re about to experience an inside look with some of the most brilliant minds discussing business, entrepreneurship, and development.

How brilliant you ask? Well…

Jocelyn Moore: Jay Rockefeller, (the U.S senator) pulled up a seat at the table for her, literally.

Chelsea Grayson: American Apparel and True Religion recruited her to be their CEO, and she made them profitable again.

Susan Sierota: built and sold a billion-dollar business, and is now my mentor.

If you’re ready for a discussion on what it takes to truly make it in business, these women have walked the walk to turn their desires into reality and have some invaluable insights to share.

In this episode you’ll hear personal stories of the emotional aspects of entrepreneurship, practical advice on seeking mentors and sponsors, and the answers to some GREAT business questions from my Instagram community.

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(00:00:01) Introductions of the BRILLIANT women in business participating in the roundtable conversation.

(00:02:09) How these three women first connected and changed lives (like mine!).

(00:03:30) The importance of sponsorship and how it differs from mentorship.

(00:07:04) Personal stories of how these women were sponsored and the impact it had on their careers.

(00:10:45) What the younger generations need to succeed.

(00:13:13) The importance of giving back and supporting other women in their careers.

(00:14:38) Advice on choosing a mentor and assessing the return on investment.

(00:16:30) Strategies for reaching out to potential mentors and building relationships with them.

(00:17:42) The importance of letting relationships with potential mentors develop naturally over time.

(00:17:46) A discussion on identifying and leveraging your current network for mentorship.

(00:18:53) Debate on paying/charging for mentorship/

(00:22:05) The importance of relationships (regardless of the person’s current status or connections).

(00:25:52) How to manage expectations and boundaries in relationships.

(00:32:29) The right time to launch a product or service.

(00:35:46) What you should know BEFORE launching a new offer.

(00:45:43) How these women balance personal life and entrepreneurship.

(00:50:28) The underlying motivations that drive entrepreneurs.

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Chelsea A. Grayson

Chelsea is a seasoned public and private CEO and board member. She was the CEO and a board member of American Apparel (NYSE: APP), True Religion (NASDAQ: TRLG) & Spark Networks (NASDAQ: LOV). She is currently on the board of Xponential Fitness (NYSE: XPOF), the largest franchisor of boutique fitness and wellness brands, including Rumble Boxing, Club Pilates, Pure Barre, Yoga 6, CycleBar, Stretch Lab and Lindora, among others. She has been a board member of multiple other organizations, including Sugarfina, Morphe Cosmetics and Delta Dental and was an Executive-in-Residence with Wunderkind, a global leader in marketing technologies. Previously, Chelsea was a partner with Jones Day, where she led the Mergers & Acquisitions group and was named one of “L.A.’s Top 40 Dealmakers” in the Los Angeles Business Journal “Who’s Who in L.A. Law”.

Jocelyn Moore

Jocelyn currently serves as an independent director on the board of DraftKings, a publicly traded technology company; OppFi, a publicly traded financial technology company; and Omaze, a private entertainment and media company disrupting traditional philanthropy. She is also a board member of Pallas Advisors, a strategic advisory firm specializing in national security, defense, and innovation. In October 2021, she was appointed by the Biden Administration to serve on the board of the First Responder Network Authority, a unique public-private partnership created after September 11th to provide a high-speed, nationwide, wireless broadband network for public safety.

Susan Sierota

Susan is an entrepreneur, operator and executive, board director, teacher, and on occasion, a CEO coach. Susan's first career was in Brand Management & Growth at Procter & Gamble, MillerCoors, and then Peet’s Coffee. She then founded & exited 2 venture backed companies, one a Fintech SaaS company and one a Hardware and Data company. She loves to support founders and CEOs as they take on the hard challenge of business building, knowing that our business tend to grow us as much.. if not more than we grow them.

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