Helping Companies in Crisis Return to Profitability with Chelsea Grayson

Have you ever wondered how struggling companies turned things around to be successful again?

I know I sure have. I always wonder what the bottleneck was…

Was it the leadership? The products? The operations? The experience?

This is why I was THRILLED to bring on Chelsea Grayson to hear all about her experiences doing this exact thing!

Chelsea was sought after and brought in as the CEO of True Religion and American Apparel to make them profitable again.

Think: bar rescue, but for renowned retail companies. We love a good transformation, am I right?

In this episode, you’ll get an inside look into the rebrand strategies that took place to turn things around for American Apparel and True Religion.

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(00:01:49) Chelsea’s answer to the question, “Can you have it ALL in life?”

(00:02:40) Chelsea’s experience as a single mom and the challenges of balancing career and family.

(00:06:31) Chelsea’s career progression and the renowned companies she’s been a CEO at.

(00:08:19) How she developed the skill of fearlessness in approaching challenging situations at work.

(00:09:54) Chelsea’s decision-making process and transition to the role of General Counsel at American Apparel.

(00:16:07) Chelsea’s decision to take on a VERY challenging opportunity despite financial limitations.

(00:17:52) How Chelsea handles problems step by step.

(00:26:10) The details Chelsea implemented in her rebrand strategy at American Apparel that made it profitable again.

(00:29:40) The challenges Chelsea faced when revamping the brand at True Religion.

(00:38:26) How to get chosen in a career or sector you want to be in.

(00:43:38) Chelsea’s personal experience of overcoming a scary situation.

(00:46:44) How Chelsea dealt with rejection when she was passed up for a board position.

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Chelsea A. Grayson

Chelsea is a seasoned public and private CEO and board member. She was the CEO and a board member of American Apparel (NYSE: APP), True Religion (NASDAQ: TRLG) & Spark Networks (NASDAQ: LOV). She is currently on the board of Xponential Fitness (NYSE: XPOF), the largest franchisor of boutique fitness and wellness brands, including Rumble Boxing, Club Pilates, Pure Barre, Yoga 6, CycleBar, Stretch Lab and Lindora, among others. She has been a board member of multiple other organizations, including Sugarfina, Morphe Cosmetics and Delta Dental and was an Executive-in-Residence with Wunderkind, a global leader in marketing technologies. Previously, Chelsea was a partner with Jones Day, where she led the Mergers & Acquisitions group and was named one of “L.A.’s Top 40 Dealmakers” in the Los Angeles Business Journal “Who’s Who in L.A. Law”.

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