Living an Intentionally Full and Authentic Life with Darrin Johnson

Can I be real with you for a moment? I mean, you listen to the podcast so I already know you’re a real one.

OK, here I go: I'd rather have someone disappointed, upset, or disliking me for being 100% true to myself, than being a mere carbon copy of who they think I should be.

And that’s a special kind of peace that I wish for you, too.

In this episode that originally aired on the “I Dare You” podcast with Darrin Johnson, I spill the tea on how I was able to adopt this mindset. You’ll also get a (loving) kick in the pants that’ll inspire you to live a more authentic and purpose-driven life.

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(00:00:01) The path that led me here to this moment.

(00:04:13) The exact moment of realization I had about living a purposeful life.

(00:08:15) The importance of owning your own decisions.

(00:13:20) What you must do to identify your purpose and forge your own path.

(00:17:12) Finding inspiration and recognizing envy as signals, taking action to explore and align with one's purpose.

(00:19:19) How your purpose can change with actions and experiences.

(00:20:09) What I encourage YOU to do to protect your energy (I’m the Queen of this).

(00:27:09) What I believe to be a HUGE trust-builder.

(00:30:31) My personal approach to creating content.

(00:34:15) Jasmine shares her perspective on using social media as a tool for business and time allocation.

(00:40:19) What to do when you’re experiencing comparison and how it shows up in these THREE ways.

(00:45:07) What I (double-dog) dare you to do.

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