The Mindset to Embrace When Creating a New Offer with Blessing Richardson

There’s something we must do when creating a new offer.

Rewire our brains to allow us to think differently.

Here’s the deal: our brain wants a sense of security and safety and to do what has worked in the past (which is great for survival, but no bueno in business.) It will talk us out of experimenting with new ideas, testing different strategies, and creating something that isn’t yet proven.

Ok, so how do you do this?

That’s the question Blessing Richardson, one of our members on the inside of Social Curator, asked during a recent group coaching session.

In this episode, you’ll hear our coaching session – and lemme tell you, it was NEXT LEVEL. If you’re in the season of creating something new, this short episode is for you!

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[00:01:59] Why you must shift your mindset when developing a new offer.

[00:05:16] The importance of clearly identifying the target audience and understanding their specific needs and willingness to pay.

[00:06:21] Why you should create different offers for different segments of your target audience and provide a tailored experience.

[00:07:49] How you can guide your decision-making and provide a sense of security.

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