Courses, Subscriptions, and Memberships: How to Create a Profitable Digital Offer

Y’all, I was FLOORED.

$255,000? In one week?

It all started in 2016, I realized my income was limited with photography and I needed to diversify my income…

So, I created my first digital offer, “Insta 180”.  It was an online store for photography resources like educational PDFs, templates, and short video tutorials. It was something I knew was a definite need in the photography industry.

And I’ll tell you what, hand to heaven, that digital offer transformed my entire business, no scratch that, it transformed my entire life.

You deserve this, too. Freedom, money, sustainable success – I believe a digital offer is what can get you there in the shortest amount of time.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to decide on an offer that works for your business, my five-step framework for planning your offer, and how to determine a price point.

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[00:01:13] The SIMPLE digital offer that helped me earn $255,000 in a week.

[00:04:56] The benefits of having a digital offer (and how it can complement your current offers!).

[00:08:34] Three steps to take when deciding if creating a digital offer aligns with your business goals, ideal client, and resources.

[00:16:00] My five-step framework for conceptualizing and planning your digital offer.

[00:18:51] How to decide what to price your offer and if you should offer tier pricing.

[00:26:12] The importance of creating a realistic timeline for the course creation and launch.

[00:26:59] How to research and test different platforms for hosting the course.

[00:28:44] The importance of setting conversion, client satisfaction, and revenue goals for your offer.

[00:30:25] My five-step framework for breaking down your course content and organizing the course flow.

[00:32:22] How to define specific learning objectives and outcomes for each course module.

[00:34:12] What you need to know about writing the course content scripts, outlines, or presentations.

[00:35:02] The course content execution: recording and editing videos and writing the text-based materials.

[00:37:36] How to test to make sure your course is working properly before students join.

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