How to Create More Meaningful Relationships in Business

Wanna know how to become someone that people WANT to work with?

Build meaningful relationships.

As a business owner, building and sustaining meaningful relationships will help you build trust and credibility, which can lead to more referrals, collaborations, and customers and clients.

You might be thinking, ‘Ok, I’ve heard this before, but HOW… how do I create and build these relationships with people?’

Lean in, this episode was made for you.

I’m diving deep into four tried and true ways to build and maintain connections.

Through intentional listening, being a connector, leading by example, and showing gratitude you can make people feel significant, seen, and validated…and build the type of relationships that make others love working with you.

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[00:04:27] How to intentionally listen to your audience through content and conversations.

[00:08:17] How to create a safe space for your team by encouraging open communication and honest and open dialogue.

[00:02:21] The importance of seeking feedback from customers and clients for future content and offers.

[00:09:25] The importance of openly and safely sharing perspectives in a team meeting to make informed decisions.

[00:10:22] Why my team and I share pre-meeting notes and action items in advance and how it improves productivity and ensures everyone has a chance to be heard.

[00:11:26] The importance of active listening, maintaining eye contact, nodding, and using appropriate facial expressions and body language to convey engagement.

[00:19:17] Ways you can follow up with leads by creating content based on their ideas.

[00:20:09] How connecting community members can help them learn and scale their businesses together.

[00:21:01] The Law of Reciprocity and how connecting with others can build trust and lead to new relationships.

[00:29:41] How to lead by example by demonstrating core values, investing in personal growth, and showing resilience and adaptability.

[00:36:18]  The importance of following through on promises, addressing issues for all customers, and maintaining trust and reliability.

[00:38:15] The importance of answering messages promptly to maintain trust.

[00:39:11] The significance of expressing gratitude to community members through sharing their content and sending personalized thank you messages.

[00:45:59] How showing gratitude to customers and clients strengthens emotional connections and increases lifetime value.

[00:48:54] The importance of publicly acknowledging clients' support and achievements on social media to make them feel valued and appreciated (and tips on how to do it!).

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