Being Ok When You Don’t Know What’s Next With Marcus Murphy

“Jasmine, you need to take a break…”

JD (my husband and business partner) said these words to me a few weeks ago.

I immediately replied, “No. I need to work more. I need to do more.” (Can you relate?)

It was while recording this podcast series with my co-host Marcus Murphy, I realized it wasn’t the work that was keeping me from stepping away, it was the pressure of coming back and people asking what I was going to do/accomplish/create/build next.

That’s right, the expectations of returning kept me from taking time away to just…be.

(Spoiler alert: I ended up taking the break.. AND, I put up parameters and said, “I'm taking a break without expectation and I need to do this for myself.”)

In this conversation with Marcus, you'll hear me process the uncomfortableness of taking a break without knowing my next move. You'll also hear us both share candidly about how we got to where we are today, in hopes that our journeys will inspire and encourage you.

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[00:02:02] Marcus’s transition to becoming a CEO of a tech company and developing his company, The Five Percent.

[00:06:04] Why Marcus believes in observing the market to build a business

[00:09:33] How building your own brand helps you take control of your own circumstances and improve your organization.

[00:10:18] How Marcus decided to focus on professional athletes as his niche.

[00:17:24] How to create awareness around your brand, build recognition, and engage your audience.

[00:18:21] What skyscrapers and athletes have in common – and how to apply it to business

[00:22:04] Marcus’s goal of building awareness for his business and how he plans to make this goal a reality.

[00:27:23] The value of being “a sherpa” and helping others navigate their own path to success.

[00:31:17] The responsibility and significance of being a minority founder in the business world.

[00:33:43] My journey and challenges of transitioning from consulting to becoming a CEO.

[00:42:50] Why I plan on taking a break and how I’m handling the expectations upon returning.

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Marcus Murphy

Marcus spent the last 15 years building the foundation for a life of serial entrepreneurship. In 2020, he left his dream job as a senior member of the executive team at DigitalMarketer. He literally cried himself to sleep the night he made this decision… but it was the right one. Marcus is currently the co-founder and CEO of The Five Percent, an international community geared toward inspiring, equipping, and facilitating actionable content for emerging entrepreneurs.

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