Honest Business Conversations, Part 1: How I Handle Industry Copycats and Deliver Compelling Keynotes

Have I told you about the time someone tried to copy Social Curator?

I’m talkin’ they were stealing our content, resources, Action Plans, the whole nine-yards… AND I even think they called it something like “Socially Curated.”

I felt angry. Disheartened. The team and I had poured so much time, energy, and money into making Social Curator something that was truly magical… and someone was COPYING it?! 

But I couldn’t let those copycats consume my thoughts and energy. Instead, I had to focus on how we were going to move the company forward –  and in doing so, I learned some important lessons.

I recently had a consulting session with a client (let’s call her Kelly) who was in a very similar situation, and so I shared what I learned with her… and then I realized: I should also share with YOU!

So, I grabbed my mic and recorded this honest, unscripted conversation… I hope it serves you well. (You’ll also get some bonus tips on how to format and deliver an engaging keynote presentation – my client asked for this as well and I wanted to let you in on what works well for me.)

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[00:00:34] The two topics I'm sharing with you that a client and I discussed: Formatting keynote presentations and handling industry copycats.

[00:02:01] What to include in each section of your presentation.

[00:03:57] My secret to inspiring action and building trust with my audience during the presentation.

[00:09:10] How to deliver your presentation and increase engagement with your audience.

[00:10:07] My thoughts on copycats in business and the lessons I’ve learned on how to handle them.

[00:14:23] How to not let copycats affect your mindset and my strategies for preventing them in the first place.

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