Read This If You’re Feeling Overwhelmed In Your Business

Yesterday I had a conversation with someone on Instagram about one thing: overwhelm.

She told me she was feeling so overwhelmed with everything she has to do in her business. 

>>She’s read dozens of books, listened to countless podcasts, and taken multiple courses but she had yet to implement what she learned, paralyzed by fear.<<

If you’re overwhelmed in your business, drop a comment below because I think it’s something we don’t often talk about. In fact, we avoid showing the overwhelm so much that sometimes on social media, life looks perfect.

Like, ‘The grass is always green, my dinner always looks like Thanksgiving, and I’m walking around with a perpetual smile.’ *gag*

Do you ever feel like everyone else on Instagram has perfect lives like that?

There was a time in my career that I would feel so overwhelmed that I would just do nothing. I would think, “I don’t know how this works, I don’t know where to begin,” and then I would stop.

>>Let me tell you something friend: the only thing more tragic than making a mistake in business is not doing something to begin with.<<

The only way I’m able to remove myself from the funk of being overwhelmed in my business is to take.action.

Now, I take messy, scary, *ugly* action… Because action is the thing that moves us past fear. It is the ANTIDOTE to fear.

>>We can choose to be overwhelmed and fearful… Or we can choose to do something that will move us past our greatest fears and doubts.<<

I am here to tell you that I’ve been there. I used to be the exact.same.way as you–afraid to take a step forward because I don’t know which direction to walk in.

But I’m going to save you years of time, stress, and worry. Take action [any action, boo!] because I know you were made to make a difference, buttercup.

You can’t make an impact standing still.