Real Estate Agents/Realtors Looking for Social Media Tips? Let’s Chat About Social Curator Success

I’m a natural born storyteller.

My father would whisper stories in the dark while my sister and I laid in bed, much after my mom yelled for us to fall asleep already. My dad? He helped conspire in our late-night revelry.

I miss telling stories with frequency. Sometimes social media shortens our focus…but I want that to change in my exclusive Facebook group for Social Curator members.

You see, I’m dedicated to celebrating success. YOUR success. I spend *hours* each week pouring over comments and questions in the group…and I’m going to start highlighting people in different industries shaking things up and using Social Curator to push them toward success.

Today I’m giving a shout to two members in the real estate/realtor world.

In one year of using Social Curator, Amanda Bohórquez became CCO at her brokerage and has a team of 7 people. Not only is she getting free leads using social media, she speaking at events, has time for passion projects, and TRIPLED her real estate business!

She said, “If I could give one piece of advice in all that I've learned through being a part of this community, it’s… If you want engagement…you have to engage first. Show others your social media love language. To J*, her team, and everyone in this group…THANK YOU!”

Heather Sequeira had similar advice to members, but not without sharing her massive growth:

“When I started branding myself as House Hunter H a short year ago I had no social media presence & was in a rut with a slow work season. Today I have just over a 1000 followers who are ACTIVELY engaging with me DAILY through comments, loads of dms and showing up to local meet-ups. I began using Insta180 practices & the tools from Social Curator (and this group) and I was able to grow my business and more than double my already six figure income.”

I couldn’t be prouder of these amazing success stories. But if you’re wondering if you’re on the right track, I’ll let Heather share her insight:

“If you’re in a place of questioning yourself or wondering why things aren’t happening I just want to remind you to TRUST THE PROCESS!”

So, tell me friend…would you like a success story of your own? I’d love to highlight you and get you firmly planted in the amazing Social Curator community! Let's learn how to celebrate each others' success as if it's our own.

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