Remain Undaunted

I was recently asked if it’s worth showing up on social media when no one is listening.

*Oh, friend, that fired up my soul!*

There’s nothing I want more than to empower you to build a brand and market it on social media. But, I can’t do that until we get one thing straight:

You will hear crickets. And that’s ok.

  • You will have Lives that no one attends.
  • You will share posts that no one likes.
  • You will spend years trying to grow your followers.

But does that mean it isn’t worth the effort? *No!*

Does that make the message you have to share any less valuable? *Again, no!*

Does that mean that you should stop showing up? *A little louder for the people in the back… NO!!!*

>>If you only look at what you don’t have, it will never be enough.<<

Remain Undaunted

Dreamer, I want you to promise me one thing… Promise me you will continue to show up and serve in every way you know how.

And if you will promise me that, I’ll make a promise in return: No good and valiant effort will ever go unnoticed.

  • Someone needs to hear the message you are sharing.
  • Someone needs to see someone like you realizing a dream.
  • Someone needs to experience the product or service you can offer.

>>Starting a business is not something that you start and win. It’s an infinite game that never ends.<<

You can’t win, you can only come to play. But one thing is for sure, friend.

>>You will never be able to speak to a full room if you don’t show up to the empty one first.<<

  • For years, I spoke to rooms that were empty.
  • For years, I wrote posts that nobody read.
  • For years, I went Live when nobody showed up.

*And yet, I showed up to do the dang work anyway… Will you?*

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