The 1% Rule

Call me simple, but I believe 1% can change your business.

If you’re anything like me, we all have a million things to do and we don’t even know where to start.

When I felt overwhelmed in the past, I used to be stressed about all of the things in my business I *wasn’t* doing… Until I learned about the 1% rule.

>>The 1% rule: There are 1% changes we can make in our life and our business that can yield massive results.<<

Now when I start feeling overwhelmed, I take a step back and focus on implementing just 1% of the things I know I have to do.

Instead of getting bummed out about everything I’m not doing, I just focus on the 1% that I AM doing.

If you change 1% every single month in your efforts, content strategy, marketing, etc… That results in a 12% change in one year.

Y’all a 12% change in your marketing efforts?! THAT’S BALLER IN THE MOST EPIC PROPORTIONS!

So let’s talk about the number one 1% change you can make in your marketing efforts today: Using Instagram to talk about your business and build relationships to turn your followers into customers.

Friend, Instagram is the best way to attract the right followers and repel the rest.

*And the first step to using Instagram for your business is to show up every day.*

There are two types of people: 

1. People who come up with reasons for their success

2. People who make excuses as to why they cannot make their success happen

The question is not CAN you do it, but rather WILL you do it?

  • Will you take the time to show up for your business?
  • Will you allow yourself to be seen on social?
  • Will you make the decision to not be embarrassed when asking for the sale?

Speaking of asking for the sale, if you are looking for a monthly social media action plan, 30 customizable caption templates, 30 lifestyle photos and a community to keep you accountable: Social Curator is a monthly membership to help you show up on social to grow your business.

>>Will you make the decision to make the 1% change today so your business grows tomorrow?<<

Sign up for Social Curator here and I’ll see you inside our private Facebook group for our twice-monthly business trainings.