The One Thing That Will Increase Your Newsletter Open Rate

In email marketing today, the average open rate for emails is around 20%.

*20%, boo boo! That’s it!*

That means if you have 100 people on your list, only 20 people will OPEN it. And that doesn’t even mean that all 20 are READING it!

Of course, there was a time when email marketing was HUGE. But now, there are so many more businesses sending emails that it is harder to get yours opened.

>>If you want to make your emails stand out, provide value on top of value, and more value, my friend.<<

I send email newsletters to my list once every week that are funny observations, inspirational moments, and vulnerable stories.

I’m proud of my open rate because my audience knows that when they open my emails, I’m not going to ask them for anything.

  • Listen to this podcast!
  • Watch this video!
  • Sign up for this thing!

Most of my emails are along the lines of, “You can do this, boo boo. Here’s how.”

>>People don’t want QVC in their inbox. They want to feel good about what they’re doing in their life!<<

Observe your own email habits. Do you open emails in YOUR inbox that have a subject line like, “Sale ends today!” or do you prefer ones that lead with value, such as “3 reasons why your emails aren’t getting opened”?

If you incorporate your services in an inspirational email, funny story, or how-to guide, THAT is how you will increase you email open rate… NOT by constantly selling to them all the time.

I *know* you have value to give to the world, Buttercup. I can’t wait to read your emails that serve the world with all of the knowledge you bring to the table.

Check out the video below of an Q+A I did at GirlBoss Rally this year where I answer how many hashtags is too many, if you should separate your personal and business Instagram accounts and more!