The Power of One: How To Get Followers To Talk Back To You


For the longest time, that’s all I heard after posting on social media or sending a newsletter. 

I put so much time and effort into saying what I thought everyone wanted to hear. And then…nothing. 

Finally, I discovered a method that changed everything. 

I found a way to make those crickets disappear, and I replaced them with genuine conversations with people, which is music to my ears.

Oh friend, do you want to know what changed it all for me when it comes to getting social media engagement?

>>The game changer was putting everybody aside and just talking to *one* person.<< 

*And you know what?* 

It not only relieved pressure, but it made it easier to know what to say. 

I envisioned every detail about this one fictitious person that I was virtually speaking to:

  • Her name
  • Where she lives
  • What kind of vehicle she drives
  • If she’s married and has kids
  • How much money she makes
  • What her hobbies are
  • …and so much more

Whenever I sit down to create content, I think about my ideal client avatar, Elle. Writing a blog post feels like I’m writing her a letter. Putting together a newsletter feels as though I’m sending her a note. Posting on social media feels like I’m typing a text message to Elle. 

>>It’s much easier to connect in a one-on-one conversation than speaking to a crowd.<<

Instead of making some important speech, I make a dialogue. 

I ask myself very specific questions in order to craft the perfect message: 

  • What does Elleneed to hear?
  • How can I help/inspire/educate/humor her?
  • What is she going through right now emotionally? 

The more I wrote to one particular person, the easier it became, and the more I attracted others just like Elle. Tens of thousands, then hundreds of thousands of people started listening to what I was saying.

>>I stopped caring about what everybody thought and focused solely on one person, which in turn appealed to others.<< 

Those moments of feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, wondering if I was just speaking into a void and feeling that nobody was paying attention are long gone. *Hollaaaaa, no more crickets!

And it’s all because I figured out how to have a conversation with one person. 

>>Speak to one, appeal to many.<< 

Friend, do you know that feeling of hearing crickets all too well? Do you feel like nobody is listening? 

Good news, Buttercup. The video below walks you through how to use the right words to get your followers talking back to you.

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