8 Mindset Shifts to Transform Your Relationship with Money

Did I ever tell you that I IRONED my money? 

Yes, as in, I'd iron my dollars because I wanted them crisp and new. 

Then I would neatly fold them and keep them in a tin can BandAid container in my mom's closet under a pile of laundry that – despite her best efforts – just would never (ever) get folded. 

To say I was fascinated with money would be an understatement. Money wasn't something we had in my family, so whenever I got it, I hid it. Looking back, I now realize that hiding money made me feel safe.

Can you relate?

It’s taken a lot of continuous work around money for me to be at the place I am today – a place where I know my numbers, feel empowered to make investment decisions and feel capable of handling unexpected financial hurdles.

(And If I can change my mindset around money, that means you can too.)

In this episode, I’m highlighting eight mindset shifts that I have made over the years, including rewriting my money story, identifying limiting beliefs, reframing past experiences, and taking ownership of my finances – so that you can do this work too.

Because the truth is when you start believing in abundance, recognizing your value, and effectively communicating and marketing your worth – you show up differently. 

So what do you say? Ready to do this work? If so, press >>PLAY<< to hear all of this and…

[00:02:00] How to shift your mindset around money by becoming aware of limiting beliefs.

[00:04:53] How to recognize and challenge beliefs that hinder business growth and replace them with empowering beliefs.

[00:07:43] The importance of creating and writing down a new financial reality.

[00:09:33] Why you need to acknowledge and analyze financial data and how I visualize my future success. 

[00:10:21] How to track and analyze financial data regularly and conduct regular financial audits.

[00:12:32] The power of shifting to the mindset of abundance and how money in the hands of small business owners can benefit society. 

[00:13:27] A conversation I had with Gary Vaynerchuk that inspired me to believe in abundance and the importance of supporting other entrepreneurs.

[00:19:32] How to define your differentiating factor and effectively communicate it to stand out in oversaturated industries.

[00:23:23] The importance of embracing growth, having trust in investments, and making confident decisions before making large investments in your business.

[00:30:14] How to overcome avoidance and take ownership of finances by looking at numbers and taking control of the financial side of your business.

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