What Pursuing a Big Dream Really Looks Like with Marcus Murphy

Have you taken a leap of faith that felt scary at the time, but you just KNEW it was what you needed to do?

In this episode, my friend (and podcast co-host for the next few weeks) Marcus Murphy shares his journey from the days when he was broke and in the trenches to leaving his dream executive job to become an entrepreneur.

Marcus and I go way back (like, I photographed his wedding) and one thing I love about him is that he is as real and vulnerable as it gets.

You’ll hear stories about asking (and getting denied) for a raise at one of his jobs, realizing when he hit a ceiling in his career, and how he decided to keep pursuing his dreams when others thought he “had enough.”

Since Marcus left his executive role in 2020, he has founded six businesses and become a member of the advisory board at Linkedin.

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[00:00:01] The story of my friendship with Marcus Murphy, my podcast co-host for the next few weeks.

[00:02:00] The email Marcus sent me over 10 years ago asking me to shoot his wedding and the evolution of our friendship.

[00:07:03] Marcus' growth and journey from struggling to successful entrepreneur.

[00:09:40] Marcus’ career trajectory when he was working at Yelp and how he started speaking and training.

[00:12:43] A pivotal moment for Marcus at Yelp and how it led him to pursue a new job at Infusionsoft.

[00:14:03] Marcus’ experience at a company with a dream coach and a unique company culture.

[00:16:01] How Marcus felt about being asked to do a presentation on the spot during his interview and how he handled it.

[00:22:00] Marcus’ experience the first time he met Ryan Deiss at a business event and his immediate desire to work with him.

[00:24:25] How Marcus became friends with Ryan Deiss and eventually transitioned to working at Digital Marketer.

[00:27:16] Marcus’ role at Digital Marketer.

[00:29:51] Why Marcus left his dream job as a Digital Marketer and started consulting.

[00:33:33] Marcus’ process of developing the idea to start a media company.

[00:34:24] Why Marcus and I are co-hosting this podcast series.

[00:34:48] The challenges and benefits of being okay with imperfections and how they relate to our personal growth.

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Marcus Murphy

Marcus spent the last 15 years building the foundation for a life of serial entrepreneurship. In 2020, he left his dream job as a senior member of the executive team at DigitalMarketer. He literally cried himself to sleep the night he made this decision… but it was the right one. Marcus is currently the co-founder and CEO of The Five Percent, an international community geared toward inspiring, equipping, and facilitating actionable content for emerging entrepreneurs.

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