Why Making “Selfish Decisions” Will Make You a Stronger Entrepreneur

Lemme tell you one of the best gifts I’ve gotten this year…

The opportunity to rediscover who I am and what kind of business I want to have.

And this started because of something my team said… “Let us run the operations”. 

You see, the business had reached a point where we had a strong team in place, and they generously offered to handle the day-to-day, giving me the freedom to focus on casting the vision for Social Curator and deciding our next moves.

After making what felt like a “selfish decision” and releasing the things I thought only I could do, I started realizing how powerful the team was and how ready and willing they were to take the ball and run it down the field. 

I had the opportunity to talk about this process in detail with Jen Kamara on her podcast, The Jennifer Kamara Podcast

In fact, Jen asked me “Who is Jasmine Star, today?” and that led to an entire conversation on rediscovery, taking risks, making “selfish” decisions, and prioritizing both work and family. I loved it – and I hope you do, too. 

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[00:02:04] Why I started this new rediscovery journey and how I had to release control and trust my team to handle the operations.

[00:03:18] Advice my mentor told me that has made a HUGE impact on my business.

[00:07:08] My VERY difficult decision to not move forward with a second cohort of my mastermind. 

[00:10:35] The mindset shift that helped me rethink what a “selfish decision” really was. 

[00:16:21] The mindset I developed while being unfunded, uneducated, and unqualified while building each of my businesses.

[00:21:08] The importance of trusting energetic cues and my gut to make decisions

[00:32:02] How to stop basing decisions on other people's judgments.

[00:43:28] How I design and prioritize my time and relationship with JD (my husband and business partner) and Luna while remaining CEO of the business.

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Jennifer Kamara

Jen is a life design partner who works with high achieving CEOs, founders, and artists. She helps them get unstuck, align actions with values, and design meaningful lives.

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