Actions You Should Take NOW to Be Seen with Jen Gottlieb

She sold the proposal of her book… and then changed the title.

She bought a domain… and then decided not to use it. 

She spent hours creating her book’s outline… and then she scratched it.  

And it was the absolute BEST use of her time. Sounds crazy? Lemme explain…

When Jen Gottlieb, co-founder of Super Connector Media decided she was going to write her book, Be Seen, she took immediate action. She just started. 

And because she took fast/messy/imperfect/scary action, she was able to improve, get feedback, and create her best work.

In this episode, Jen shares how she pushed past the fears and handled challenges that came her way while building her business, gaining visibility, and living out her fullest potential.

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[00:01:17] The fears and excuses that can prevent you from being seen and sharing your gifts with the world.

[00:03:45] The REAL symptoms of fear and how to overcome them.

[00:06:17] How Jen overcame fear and imposter syndrome which helped her be a guest on Ed Mylett's podcast.

[00:09:33] What a psychic told Jen that facilitated a mindset shift and inspired her to instantly write a book. 

[00:10:19] How Jen forced herself to be seen on a new level and overcome her fear of being vulnerable.

[00:11:57] The messy action Jen took to get started writing her book (and the valuable lessons she learned along the way!).

[00:12:27] Why Jen changed the title of her book even though she already sold the proposal.

[00:19:44] The #1 tactic Jen uses to confront fear and take action despite being scared.

[00:21:14] The results Jen got from joining a mastermind that cost $100,000.

[00:29:58] What to do when hitting rock bottom and starting over after losing everything.

[00:31:27] How Jen rebuilt her life and started her business.

[00:36:06] The challenges Jen faced with her book launch.

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Jen Gottlieb

A powerhouse entrepreneur, international speaker, host of the I Dare You Podcast, and co- founder of Super Connector Media – an award-winning training, events, and online education company. With a successful five-year stint as a VH1 host and a career as Broadway actress, Jen has been making waves in the entrepreneurial world by teaching business owners how to build profitable brands and become “The Recognized Expert” in their field. Jen's company, Super Connector Media, was recently listed on the INC 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in America, and Jen herself was named one of the “Top 50 Speakers in The World” by Real Leaders Magazine.

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