The BEST Networking Secrets to Grow Your Business with Jen Gottlieb

Have you ever wondered how to get into “those” rooms?

Become friends with “those” people?

Find “those” opportunities?

Here’s how: build the room.

These types of connections are rarely formed serendipitously. They come from taking intentional ACTION.

My brilliant/kind/incredible friend, Jen Gottlieb (The Connection Queen) says it best. She says, “You’re one connection away from getting what you want.” (Phew. Write that on a Post-it and stick it on your mirror. Eh?)

In this episode, you’ll learn Jen’s (dare I say, BRILLIANT) six-part framework for building powerful connections that’ll catapult your business forward, and help you reach your next level.

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(00:02:07) The number one thing successful people do BEFORE they become successful

(00:04:38) How Jen built a dynamite network of hosting curated dinners to connect with people.

(00:09:59) How one connection can help you achieve your goals.

(00:11:28) How to network and create connections intentionally.

(00:13:08) The BEST way to follow up after networking events.

(00:13:57) How to get the most/best shareable content out of your events.

(00:18:34) How to create a safe and vulnerable environment that fosters DEEP connection.

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Jen Gottlieb

Introducing Jen Gottlieb, powerhouse entrepreneur, international speaker, host of the I Dare You Podcast, Bestselling author of BE SEEN and co-founder of Super Connector Media – an award-winning training, events, and online education company. With a successful five-year stint as a VH1 host and a career as a Broadway actress, Jen has been making waves in the entrepreneurial world by teaching business owners how to build profitable brands and become “The Recognized Expert” in their field.

Jen's company, Super Connector Media, was recently listed on the INC 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in America, and Jen herself was named one of the “Top 50 Speakers in The World” by Real Leaders Magazine.

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