Restarting: How to Get Back Up When You’ve Quit (And Be Better Than Before)

Do y’all remember when Michael Jordan quit basketball? (Hi, am I showing my age?)

Anyway, I’ll never forget that October day in ‘93 (mainly because my dad’s jaw looked like it was glued to the floor). And, it wasn’t just my dad. It was, well… the whole world.

Long story short: Michael Jordan returned to basketball, and when he did – boy, he led his team to not one, but THREE consecutive championships.

Why am I telling you this? Because if one of the most legendary people in the world, like Michael Jordan, can quit, and restart again with the whole world watching — so can YOU.

In this episode, you’ll learn my Five-part Restart Framework to get back on the saddle whether it’s a project, hobby, business, etc. I hope this serves you well.

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(00:01:10) My personal experience of starting and dropping a passion project.

(00:07:35) Examples of bouncing back from setbacks and making a successful comeback.

(00:10:46) My Restart Framework to help you get back up and become better than ever.

(00:10:46) The importance of “Emotional Readiness” and how to become emotionally ready.

(00:14:53) How to identify lessons learned from setbacks and quitting.

(00:16:59) What to include in your Restart Plan.

(00:20:05) Why you need to establish a ritual and routine when forming a habit.

(00:21:05) How to develop a contingency plan.

(00:25:07) My pep talk to YOU to help you take action and stay committed.

(00:26:10) The importance of monitoring progress, evaluating efforts, and making necessary adjustments to the restart plan.

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