What Is Clubhouse And Should You Join It?

What is Clubhouse and should you join it?!

>>This new voice-only social media platform has been the center of attention for many business owners over the last few months and I think it's about to get bigger.<<

Where users join “rooms” to discuss certain topics, Clubhouse is a great place for business owners to network, although the platform is ONLY voice (public voice, nonetheless!)

Pro Tip: If you meet someone in a room and they want to work with or communicate with you, you better have the instructions very clearly stated in your bio! Not sure what to include? I gotchu covered in >>this post!<<

As of January 2021, Clubhouse is invite-only (meaning you can't join without being referred by a current user) while the app is still in beta.

But as soon as it becomes public, run *don't walk* to Clubhouse to network with other business owners and participate in interesting conversations!

My team and I are already creating Clubhouse rooms almost daily to host live Q+A's. Have you joined Clubhouse yet? If so, let’s connect @jasminestar!