How to Use Halloween to Market Your Business

Algorithm… Photos… Engagement… BOO! Did I scare you??

Let’s *creep* it real: posting on social media for your business can be scarier than seeing a ghost on Halloween.

  • What do you even post about?
  • What can you say that hasn’t been said before?
  • And for goodness sake… how do you use Halloween to market your business?

>>Friend, this short, jam-packed (with both tips and puns) episode, is going to teach you how to show up on social media and watch your followers get *batty* excited about what you have to offer.<<

*There’s no tricks–just treats– and I’m so frightfully excited to take one less thing off your plate!*

Holidays are a GREAT way to relate to your followers and you don’t have to go on a total witch hunt for thinking of content topics.

When approaching any holiday that I’d like to leverage for my business (which, in this case, is Halloween) I always ask myself how I can start conversations with my #SquadGhouls and win their trust.

To do this, over the years, I have figured out 3 questions to incorporate the holiday into my content, which I’m going to break down with you today!

  1. Where do people go, do, and see for Halloween?
  2. What are common Halloween traditions or memories you enjoy?
  3. What Halloween-related jokes or puns can you use to make people laugh?

If you’re ready to gain inspiration for how you can use Halloween to market your business on social media, click play >>HERE!<<

In no time, you’ll be ready to start posting your Halloween captions right away… but you’re missing something, boo: the photos!

Luckily, I have just what you need: 5 beautiful Halloween stock photos that are sure to stop your followers scroll and drive engagement! And the best part? They’re FREE! Click >>HERE<< to download the *wicked* awesome images and get ready to start your seasonal promotions, friend!

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