When to Separate Business + Personal Accounts

Friend, are you creating content that attracts your dream customer on LinkedIn?

Do you have a repurposing strategy when sharing your posts from Instagram to Facebook?

You’re about to hear my biggest tips on these topics and MORE in today’s episode!

Today on the podcast I’m letting you in on a FIRE Q+A I did after my live class last month, How to Plan, Create, and Execute a Month of Social Media Posts in One Day.

These business owners in ALL different industries asked the best questions!

>>Even if you’re not in the same industry as these entrepreneurs, the foundational business principles will still apply.<<

I had the most fun working with them one on one to help them solidify their strategy to market their business, and I just *know* you’ll learn so much too.

In this Q+A, you’ll hear me answer questions on:

  • Is it okay to post the same content on Instagram and Facebook?
  • How do I create content for 2 different ideal clients on 3 different platforms?
  • What is the best way to attract my dream customer on LinkedIn?
  • How can I incorporate Social Curator resources into my blog?
  • Should I separate my business and personal accounts?

Ready to listen in? Press play >>HERE!<<

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