Standing Out From the Rest: The Hard Truth

Are you ready for some tough love, friend?

I hope you are, because this episode is jam packed with mindset-heavy advice I gave to business owners just like you in a recent coaching session.

These Social Curator users asked the BEST questions and we really dove deep into not just business issues they’re facing, but we overcame a lot of mindset shifts as well.

We spoke about deep topics, including:

  • How does an “average” mom get noticed and differentiate herself from the rest of the crowd, and
  • The best way to make your brand stand out from others that sell the same type of product for a similar audience

The personal development piece of entrepreneurship is something many business owners don’t expect (myself included, when I first started my photography business!) but the longer I’ve been an entrepreneur, the more important I’ve realized it is to the success of my business… far more than strategy and tactics.

>>Because if your mind ain’t right, your business ain’t right Buttercup… that’s just facts.<<

I can’t wait for you to listen in on this amazing conversation, so click play >>HERE!<<

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Fernanda Longo

Fernanda Longo is the founder of Eden Daily Essentials, an all natural and handmade brand of soaps & skincare products, that helps families feed their skin without all the chemicals & toxins from commercial products. She is also the host of Eden Living Podcast, a faith based podcast that encourages women to grow and live their purpose. Fernanda is a Brazilian American, she lives in Indiana, USA with her husband and their three young children.

Sheila Gray

Wife, mom and Business Strategist to Female Entrepreneurs. Sheila Gray, Founder and CEO of Thrive Consulting, LLC spent 15 plus years in leadership with 2 fortune 50 companies, in addition to 5 years running an insurance business with her husband. It was then she found her calling – to guide and inspire women on their entrepreneurial journey. She is now a business strategist and coach for female entrepreneurs, leading them to set and achieve goals in their businesses they never dreamed were possible. From foundational strategy and support, to growing and scaling multi-million dollar businesses – Sheila has a wide variety of strategies to meet any business owner, right where they are at, right now.

Jennifer Thoma

Jennifer Thoma is a health and wellness entrepreneur who traded in the hectic stressful life in corporate business to become the owner and operator of several business ventures focused on helping people improve their health and wellbeing.

Jennifer and her husband, Dr. Christopher Thoma, live in St Louis Missouri with their preteens, Casper and Sadie. Together they own three businesses in the health and wellness industry: NeuroRedeem provides programs and coaching designed to help people build stress resilience and overcome overwhelm. PuraWell provides nutritional supplements that support your health goals, and Total Health Correction is a wellness and chiropractic clinic focused on finding the root cause of your health concerns.

Jennifer firmly believes that key to a life of contentment and fulfillment begins with focusing on your physical and mental health and wellness, and she is prepared to help you every step of the way.

Angela Hosking

Angela Hosking MBA, MSN is a women’s empowerment and leadership speaker, author, workshop facilitator, coach and the owner of Her One Tribe, LLC. Angela combines her 12+ years of healthcare executive leadership experience with her expertise as a women’s empowerment writer to deliver impactful workshops and motivational keynote speeches.

Using her self-developed Personal Empowerment Framework™ as her cornerstone content, Angela educates and inspires national and international female audiences to unlock their confidence barriers and diminish their Imposter Syndrome thinking.

Angela is the author of Woman on Top: Lead Like a Lady Boss and the creator of the Superwoman Detox Academy, a six-week group coaching course that helps high-achieving women drop their Superwoman cape and get a balanced life. Angela hosts an online community at to help all women find the empowerment and balance in their lives that they deserve.

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