Batching Content to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Do you batch your social media content?

>>Batching is the act of grouping similar tasks together to complete them in the most efficient way possible.<<

For years, the team and I have been batching content for mine and the Social Curator brands, and it has made a WORLD of a difference in our workflow.

It takes so much less time to create content when you plan, organize, and create them at the same time! 

That’s why today I want to share with you a Facebook Live I hosted last week, where we discussed how to batch Instagram Stories and Reels to work smarter, not harder.

If creating content for social media is a business task that makes you feel like you’re a one-person circus act juggling 27 fire torches while riding a unicycle, then this episode is PERFECT for you.

So sit back, relax, and listen in >>HERE!<<

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Then, you can kick back and watch a steady stream of likes, comments, and sales come rolling in!

Start your subscription today and I’ll see you inside our private community for this month’s group coaching centered around batching Instagram Stories and Reels.

listen to the episode:

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