Statistically Speaking, You’re NOT Behind

  • “It's too late.”
  • “I'm too old.”
  • “There are so many young entrepreneurs, I could never compete with them.”
  • “I can’t keep up with the trends.”
  • “I’m not technologically savvy.”

Have you ever thought something similar?

Let me share with you 3 major takeaways from the 2.7 million startups in a recent study on

  • It’s never too late to start a business, ever.
  • The study showed that a start-up founder who is 50 years old is twice as likely to start an extremely successful business than a 30 year old.
  • Experience is better than youth. The more experience you accumulate in life, the smarter decisions you make.

This isn't a hypothesis, yo… Statistically speaking, you’re NOT behind. And in this episode, I’ll prove it to you! Click play >>HERE.<<

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My goal is to give you the tools you need to grow your business, and that includes helping you cultivate the MINDSET you need to believe your dreams are possible…

Because they ARE possible, my friend, and I will continue shouting it from the rooftops until you believe it, too.

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