Maximize Your Content Creation Time While Balancing A 9-5 Job

Today you’re getting a glimpse of what group coaching sessions inside our private Social Curator Community are like because in this episode, I’m given the opportunity to work with business owners on one aspect of their business.

No matter what industry you’re in, I know you’ll learn something from our conversation.

In this episode, I answer the following questions:

  • How can I structure content creation sessions to maximize time when I'm still working a full time job?
  • How do you temper the fire you have inside when you know you have so many lives to change but you feel like you can’t get the reach to touch those lives?
  • How do I make sure my niche is specific enough? How can I tweak my offering to be her exact solution?
  • What’s the best way to prep your audience for a launch or giveaway so that they’re more engaged and eager to share?
  • What is the one area you think new business owners should focus on to gain the biggest ground? Podcast/ blog Content, Delegating tasks, social media visibility…?

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I hope you enjoyed this episode of the Jasmine Star Show where you were given an inside look at Social Curator coaching sessions. For the last five years, my team and I have had the honor and privilege of serving business owners and entrepreneurs by helping them build a brand and market their business on social media and it has been the highest honor.

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Colleen Mitchell

Colleen Mitchell is a life coach for women with type 1 diabetes, epic fantasy novelist, podcast host of This is Type 1, and a full-time project manager. She has had T1D for almost 27 years and is passionate about teaching other T1Ds how to stop using the condition against themselves. She lives in Missoula, MT with her husband and cat.

Janessa Borges

Janessa is a girl who wants everyone to kick booty in life, be their own boss, be genuinely happy and live life on their terms. As a first generation Cuban-American from Miami, with an Ivy – league education, she’s determined to shake up the world.

Janessa is trained as a licensed mental health therapist, and business mindset & strategy coach devoted to supporting Latina entrepreneurs create the business & lives they dream of by providing the resources, tools & relentless energy to create results.

Her gift is seeing past where you’re stuck…She can see your vision, pull it out of your heart and your mind and create results.

She makes sure your gifts are highlighted in a way that speaks to your ideal client, so they say “I want to work with HER!”

If you want more than the life you have now and need a sidekick to make your dreams a reality, you and Janessa were meant to work together.

Jennifer Senn

Jennifer Senn, founder of Navigating Baby Loss, is a certified life coach who specializes in pregnancy loss recovery coaching. Her third pregnancy ended in a stillbirth of their twin daughters weeks before they were to be born and her experience of living through that loss as well as a following pregnancy and healthy birth of their daughter is the basis of her coaching practice. She helps her clients navigate topics such as blame, guilt, isolation, depression, anxiety, marriage/ relationship issues, body shame, jealousy, returning to work after and facing other’s comments, as well as fear of another pregnancy following their loss. Jennifer knows from experience that this type of loss stays with you for a lifetime and if not dealt with properly can take a dangerous toll on women’s mental and physical well- being. She is honored to work with women and their families re-designing a future that looks different than when it did while they were pregnant, and showing them that life after loss can still be beautiful in a way that honors their baby and themselves.

Joanna Moss

Joanna Moss is a Showit website designer, mom, ambivert and wine enthusiast. When her boys started elementary school she decided to retire after 8 years of wedding photography, to be more present with them in the summer.

She specializes in turning inspired, but undiscovered photographers into magnetic, must-hire BRANDS. Her goal to work with her clients to capture their full brand story and mission to separate them from a noisy market so they can stand out in an authentic, unique way. Last month she launched a Showit template shop to help photographers elevate their online presence.

Marisol Ruby Sanmiguel

Marisol Sanmiguel is a Health Coach, Nutrition Expert, Personal Trainer and founder of Ruby Sol Food & Vitality based in Miami, Florida. Through her signature Elite Vitality Program, Marisol helps women struggling to lose fat with healthy meal prep so that they can tone their bodies and balance their hormones. Her holistic approach to wellness is rooted in mindfulness and harmonizes movement, nutrition, and self-care habits.

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