How to Build Credibility for Your Brand

Recently, I had a conversation with Nathan Chan, CEO and founder of Foundr.

Foundr is a multi-million dollar education business that has amassed a global community of over 4 million people. We were discussing how to build credibility for your brand, and Nathan had some really fascinating insights.

Nathan’s top 3 tips for establishing credibility are:

  • Great ambassadors
  • Great design, and
  • A great product.

I couldn’t agree more with these tips, and I’d also like to add on 3 of my own:

  • Showcasing testimonials
  • Great customer service, and
  • Being consistent.

So let’s dive into my top 3 tips right now and discuss TACTICAL ways you can build credibility for your band by clicking play >>HERE!<<

To continue this conversation, in just 2 weeks I’ll be releasing a podcast episode that will dive DEEP into how to provide EXCEPTIONAL customer service for your clients and customers, and trust me: you don’t want to miss these game-changing tips. To be the first to know when this episode goes live, subscribe to the Jasmine Star Show. I can’t WAIT to help you continue establishing credibility for your brand!

Nathan Chan

Nathan went from a soul-crushing 9-5 job in IT, to being the founder of one of the fastest growing online entrepreneurial brands in the world. Frustrated with the lack of real advice for those wanting to build and scale a business, Nathan launched Foundr in 2013 and set out to interview the world's greatest entrepreneurs.

Having now featured the likes of Richard Branson, Mark Cuban and Ariana Huffington, Foundr has amassed a global community of 4+ million people, and grown into a multi-million dollar business.

Noticing the shift to online education, and the lack of tangible information available to entrepreneurs wanting to learn how to start and grow a business, Nathan pivoted Foundr from editorial to education in 2017.

In July 2022, Foundr launched an annual membership, with unlimited access to courses by world class instructors, proven frameworks and a like-minded community. Nathan and Foundr are on the path of empowering the next generation of business icons through a cutting-edge education offering.

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