Building a Wildly Successful Business (and how to show up when it’s hard) with Leila Hormozi

Want to build a wildly successful business? Then you’re gonna want to click play on this episode with Leila Hormozi NOW and be prepared to take notes.

(I’m not kidding – this might be one of the most practical episodes you listen to all year).

Leila Hormozi is the CEO of (a $200 million portfolio company) and in this episode she walks through what she does, how she builds her teams, and what it looks like to embrace the ever-present uncomfortableness of running a business.

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  • [04:22] What Leila does as CEO of
  • [10:43] Where business owners get stuck as they build to six figures (and how to move past it)
  • [13:43] Where business owners get stuck as they build to seven figures (and how to move past it)
  • [16:28] How to approach building a team (who do you hire first?)
  • [19:32] The importance of setting expectations about the company culture and work required for a role
  • [30:03] How Leila led her team through COVID, while asking them to work nights and weekends
  • [36:17] How to lead from a place of authenticity
  • [40:39} What led Leila to start creating content
  • [44:48] The mindset shift Leila chose that enables her to handle stress in a more productive way
  • [47:09] Why Leila actively seeks to practice things that make her uncomfortable
  • [49:42] What Leila learned after a piece of content went viral and wasn’t received as she intended

If you want to learn more and connect with Leila, you can find her on Instagram at @leilanhormozi.

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Leila Hormozi

Only a short 6 years ago Leila started her first business on a whim with zero experience. Over the last 6 years she has started and scaled four 8 figure businesses, most known are Gym Launch and Leila and her husband Alex Hormozi have done over $120M+ in direct sales and now have divested their interest in those companies to focus full time on their investment company, which currently exceeds $200M/year in revenue across the companies. Leila is known for her expertise in scaling companies through creating rock solid culture, talent acquisition & customer success.

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