What’s Changing the Landscape for Business Owners: Thoughts on AI, Crypto and more with Daniel DiVenere

If you’ve listened to the Jasmine Star Show for awhile, you may remember our Crypto Curious series in early 2022 where I – along with my favorite crypto-savvy co-host Daniel DiVenere – talked about cryptocurrency, NFTs, web3 and what they could mean for business owners.

It’s been a year since our last conversation and things have changed: crypto is currently in a bear market and AI is now the darling of the tech world. I invited Daniel back on the show to have an honest conversation about how we’re thinking about crypto and ways we’ve seen business owners use AI to empower their growth.

If you’re curious about AI, crypto, or simply want to be challenged to think in different ways, >>click play<< and listen in. You’ll hear us talk about:

  • [00:53] The status of the crypto market
  • [02:09] How much crypto money Daniel lost
  • [03:42] Our current thoughts about the crypto space
  • [07:00] How we see AI being leveraged by businesses right now
  • [10:50] The difference between making AI your business v. incorporating some element of it into your business
  • [12:33] Our experiments with AI so far and how “good” we think it is in providing what we ask for
  • [17:55] What constraints are and how they can be used to grow your business
  • [19:49] Platforms we’ve seen pop up that sell constraints
  • [25:23] How a local business selling donuts could use DALLE-E to get better product photos
  • [27:40] How a business owner could use ChatGPT to write emails

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