I Learned How to Race a Rally Car: Here’s What It Taught Me About Business

Have you ever been around someone (or a group of people) who made you want to be better?

You know, the ones who push you, support you, and never let you slack off? The ones who constantly remind you to get uncomfortable and GROW? I’ve experienced this a few different times this year.

One of my most recent experiences was learning how to drive a rally car in Texas.

And this is how it went… 

I was planning on attending a retreat for an incredible mastermind community for CEOs and founders called Hampton. Inside of the Hampton slack chat, where we all communicated, I saw a rally car driving invitation inside…and well, I accepted.

I had no idea what a rally car even was (I mean, ya girl had to google it), but I knew I needed to say yes. I said yes because of the people I would meet and the fact that it would be a really uncomfortable experience. 

When I arrived at the rally car race track, I learned that the rally car was a stickshift, which I did not know how to drive. (What’s a good lesson without a little setback, am I right?) So, the instructor had to teach me how to drive a stick before the actual rally car lesson.

It was pouring rain, and the windows were completely foggy inside. (You can probably see how difficult this was, right?) And I just kept on reminding myself that I WANTED to be uncomfortable.

But I was so embarrassed. I just kept telling the instructor how sorry I was, and even though he was so patient, I am sure he had nightmares about teaching me. 

But at some point during the lesson, I started listening to his rally car advice differently, and I found myself applying it to business.

I think sometimes the best way to learn in your industry is to learn outside of your industry. Would you agree? 

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[00:00:13] My word of the year, “rebirth,” and how it has manifested in different areas of my life.

[00:02:12] My experience with Hampton, a community for CEOs and founders 

[00:06:40] Stepping out of my comfort zone and normalizing failure and adventure for my daughter, Luna.

[00:7:10] Why I asked JD if Luna could come to the rally car race with us

[00:08:28] Why it’s important to normalize failure and vulnerability in business and what we did during our “F-Up Night” 

[00:13:51] Three business lessons I learned from rally car racing

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