How to Know if You Need a “Force Multiplier” and the Steps to Hiring One with Adam Hergenrother and Hallie Warner

Have you heard of a Force Multiplier?

A Force Multiplier serves as the behind-the-scenes, right-hand person to the CEO or founder of an organization. 

This term was coined by Adam Hergenrother (CEO and Founder) and Hallie Warner (Chief of Staff) with Adam Hergenrother Companies, who have been working together for over 12 years. The Founder and the Force Multiplier is a concept that started with a blog that later became a book, then a movement, and now an organization.

But Adam didn’t hire Hallie to become a Force Multiplier. 

He hired her to be a Marketing Assistant, and after about 3 months of working together, he realized that she would become his Executive Assistant (it took 6 or 7 Executive Assistants before finding her!). 

Now, Hallie serves as the Chief of Staff, and Adam considers her his Business Partner.

In this episode, Adam explains the three most important things a Founder must do: cast a vision, provide clarity and direction, and make quality decisions every day.

But if the Founder is unclear on what the vision is and struggles to provide clarity and direction to others, making good decisions becomes much more difficult, and too much time is spent making decisions on 80% of the things that don’t matter.

I had to pause Adam here: Why 80%? Where did that number come from?

He referenced the Pareto Principle (also known as the 80/20 Rule): 80% of X is caused by 20% of Y. (Here is an example: 80% of results come from 20% of actions.)

These 80% of decisions can be handed off to someone who has the ability to think like an entrepreneur, while the CEO or founder focuses on the 20% of decisions that move the needle forward.

Basically, Force Multipliers and CEOs are like Batman and Robin. And what’s really cool? The CEO/founder isn’t Batman.
Intrigued? Wanna know more about Force Multipliers, how to find them, and the hiring process? Gotcha covered! Click  >> PLAY << now to hear:

[00:01:05] The role of a Chief of Staff as a Force Multiplier and business partner to the CEO or founder.

[00:03:27] How Hallie helped Adam with a morale issue in their organization by taking his thoughts and triangulating with other leaders to come up with a plan.

[00:04:51] Adam explains that the three most important things a leader must do are to cast a vision, provide clarity and direction, and make quality decisions every day.

[00:09:14] How The Pareto Principle applies to decision-making, and Adam’s advice to leaders to focus on the 20% of decisions that matter instead of getting caught up in the 80% that don’t matter.

[00:11:51] How to know if you need a Force Multiplier and (if so) what the hiring process looks like.

[00:16:58]  The importance of doing research before an interview and how it reflects on the candidate's organizational skills and interest in the position.

[00:21:53] How to know when it's time to make the initial hire of a Force Multiplier.

[00:24:17] What to do if you don't have the funds to pay for a Force Multiplier and the first steps in crafting a job description to attract the right candidate.

[00:25:23] How to hire a Force Multiplier and why you should have the candidate draft their own job description.

[00:26:55] The foundational skills for a Force Multiplier, including calendar and communication, can save hours of time for an entrepreneur.

[00:31:49] What makes an excellent Force Multiplier and the importance of being prepared, showing humility and confidence, and focusing on results rather than personal recognition.

[00:39:37] Creating a 90-day plan and providing clear expectations for a new Executive Assistant. 

[00:37:26] The importance of blocking off time and being more impactful with the time you're willing to work. 

[00:34:00] How a highly skilled executive assistant can handle supporting two leaders in an organization, as long as there is communication and proper expectations.

[00:42:02] The importance of having a Force Multiplier on staff and how to identify the right match for the role.

[00:43:02] How to find the right match and the importance of growing together.

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Are you a force multiplier or do you know someone who is? I'm hiring! Check out this link or send it to your friends!

Adam Hergenrother and Hallie Warner

Adam Hergenrother, Founder, and Hallie Warner, Chief of Staff, have worked side by side for over 12 years to build Adam Hergenrother Companies, a wildly successful organization that empowers the leaders of today to develop the leaders of tomorrow. Their book, The Founder & The Force Multiplier, equips executives and their right-hand partners to create culture, navigate change, lead companies, and achieve more together. 

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